High impact leadership and staff development for Yorkshire businesses with up to 250 staff

Leadership and management training for SME's
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Give your new managers the confidence and skills to manage others more effectively


Help senior and more experienced managers prepare for the next step up and hone their skills


Get more motivated and engaged staff


Reduce and resolve disputes and build better working relationships - from boardroom to teams

We specialise in providing truly flexible coaching programmes to support new and existing managers get the best from their people and to help you resolve people problems which threaten to destabilise your focus on growth.

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The problems with traditional leadership and staff development programmes in SME's.

  • Finding the time to attend even half a day's training programme - you need every hand on deck.
  • Additional travel/accomodation costs to the training- not to mention loss of productivity on the day.
  • You’ve fought for budget and time to get them into the training room so while they’re there you throw everything at them in the hope it sticks! The result? Overwhelm and less effective learning!
  • Within 7 days of attending a face to face training programme the majority of participants will have forgotten over 75% of what they learned.
  • No real follow up means less likely to see tangible, lasting results.


We offer support which means your staff don't have to leave their desks; they learn in short bursts over time AND access personal 1-1 coaching so they REALLY have time to reflect, set personal  goals and more importantly take action!

Want to learn from your desk, (or  anywhere you are), 90 minutes at a time AND access 1-1 coaching normally reserved for senior executives?

Choose from 3 "virtual" training programmes which build skills, confidence and give tangible results:

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I found the delivery of the material really good, using a variety of media to explain points. Even though we were looking at the computer for 90 minutes or so, through discussion and interaction it did not feel like that.

- Best Western participant on a virtual programme




Face to face more appropriate?

If you really would like to kick start some learning with a more traditional face to face approach we can offer

Master-classes to improve and maintain morale, motivation and working relationships in your business and your boardroom.

Choose from the following high impact, half day master-classes - run internally for up to 15 staff:

  • Essential toolkit for new managers or supervisors
  • How to handle demotivated or difficult staff
  • Keeping the peace: how to handle conflict and courageous conversations
  • Dealing with pressure: time management and how to get more done, with less stress
  • Increasing your skills at influencing and persuading others
  • The art of getting your staff to accept change
  • Keeping the peace in the boardroom

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